Wandering {Somewhere Beautiful}

During the month of July here at The Inspired Story, we’re going to be chatting about this WanderFull life with some friends of mine. Today I have Hope here to tell you about her journey. She writes poems and takes pictures (two things that I do NOT do well), so I love her little offering today. I hope you will too.


i wonder where i am going

where i am headed

where i have come from

i wonder where i am going

where i am headed

where i have come from

what is really going on underneath and beyond all i can see.


i believe deep down inside that i am headed to beauty

that i am actually caught up in the beauty even now

that the beauty never left me

that the beauty saved me and is saving me


i have been swept under

swept over

swept up

life has been anything but the expected

things change in an instant


nature calls to me with consistency and promise

i look to the trees to tell me stories

if only they could talk

what would they say?

what would they tell me?

they reach to the heavens,

seeming to yearn to reach higher and higher

trees call to me to go higher

to keep reaching


nothing i experience is in vain

nothing wasted

circles and swirls of time

time reaches back and returning to itself

circling back

swirling deeper and richer


i find myself revisiting rooms in the house of me

over and over and over again

the circles of my feet mock me

but now i am beginning to see

these circles are not one dimensional

they are swirling deeper and deeper

each visit is a new visit

a new swirl inward and outward

each step on the path is moving more dirt

the road is widening

i am not walking over and over in the same exact places

my feet are hitting new ground every time i enter in

my proverbial wheels aren’t caught spinning in the dust

they are traveling to new lands

new places

new depths

new beauty


i am headed somewhere beautiful

i will find myself along this path

i will recover the girl i once was

the woman i now am

the lady i am growing into

somewhere beautiful, here i come.



by Hope Wood; Hope has written in fits and starts over the years but really began expressing herself in a new poetic form just in 2014. Writing & Contemplative Photography are her main creative outlets. She loves macro nature photography and telling stories with her images and words. She believes everyone has a voice worthy to be heard. She is a SAHM of 2 and has been married to her best friend for almost 10yrs. You can find her writing at www.pursuingthebeautywritings.wordpress.com and her photography at www.pursuingthebeauty.com & www.facebook.com/hopewoodphotography; bio photo credit: Contrastphoto.net


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