To Those of Much Faith

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Dear Faithful Ones,

First of all, I love you. I love you because your faith has made me well, because you consistently and constantly point me back to our Good God.

I don’t always understand you. I can’t imagine the kind of surety you profess, the kind of rest you seem to know, but I see it in you and it gives me a glimmer of hope that perhaps all of this mess really is for a reason. Seeing how much you believe reminds me that there must really be something to this Jesus stuff.

You show me how to love like Jesus because you are so intimately familiar with his love for you. Faithful Christians in the news get a bad reputation for being judgy and uncompromising, but that’s not the kind of faithful Christian I know. I know generous, gentle, wise followers who simply know with confidence that their God is for them and at work in the world today. My doubt cannot endanger your faith, and you know it well.

I see glimpses of such faithfulness in my 4 year old Sunday school students. They have never doubted that God is for them and made them and loves them unconditionally. Last week, in reading the story of Abraham and Sarah being promised a new son, we talked about how impossible it must have seemed to Sarah to have a baby, why she would have laughed.

But then I got to say to these 8 small pairs of eyes, “But the angel said, ‘Is anything impossible for God?‘”

“What are some things that seem impossible to us?”

“Sometimes my brother is always mean to me. I think it is impossible that he will ever be nice to me.”

“Could we pray that God would change your brothers heart, and give you a heart of forgiveness towards him? Is that impossible for God?”

“No! Nothing is impossible for God.

“My friends have a brother that lives across the ocean in Africa. They want him to come home to their family, but it seems impossible.”

“We will pray that God will open up the adoption process again, that their brother will be safe and loved and cared for tenderly so far away from his family. Is anything impossible for God?”

“No! Nothing is impossible for God.


Friends, if I’m honest, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that nothing is impossible for God. But right here, I got to read in His word about a time when the impossible came to pass, and I got to repeat and pray over and over again, believing that nothing would be impossible for God.

There are good people, good four year olds and good 25 year olds and good 75 year olds who know this and carry it for me and show me the way to live like nothing is impossible for God.

And for you, dear friends, I am so thankful. I love you. I pray that God would hold you fast just as he holds me. And I pray to be as sure and bold as you someday.




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