It’s Time to Be Brave



During the month of July here at The Inspired Story, we’re going to be chatting about this WanderFull life with some friends of mine. Today I have Caroline here to tell you about where her journeys are taking her these days and what she’s learning along the way. Her brave side is big and growing, and I hope yours is too.


Insecurity has always been a thing in my life.  Even when I was very small, I was painfully self-conscious and suffered from terrible social anxiety. I often felt very different from all of the other girls around me, and I just knew that they were all looking and judging.

We can really make life a lot harder than it has to be, can’t we?

In the past year, I have been actively pursuing freedom in this area—rejecting insecurity and pursuing bravery. It takes conscious effort and small, deliberate steps, but the destination makes the journey more than worth it.  On the way to every triumph, there is some turmoil.

Last September I attended The Influence Conference in Indianapolis without knowing a soul.  I had arranged—online—to share a hotel room with 3 girls I’d never met, and I got on a plane and walked into that conference with shaky knees and hopeful expectation.

That weekend I walked up to tables full of girls I didn’t know and asked if I could eat lunch with them.  I saw a tweet about a large group meeting in the lobby for frozen yogurt, and I joined them.  God did some amazing stuff in my heart that weekend, and I haven’t been the same since.

That’s the thing, you guys.  When we listen to the nudge of the Holy Spirit and step out in bravery, moving toward the (often scary) thing God is calling us to, awesome, beautiful, healing things happen.  God doesn’t want us to stay stuck; He wants us to take His hand and walk with Him into freedom.

I believe that because God wants me free—confident and brave and secure—He is putting opportunities across my path for me to flex the muscle of bravery.  Opportunities like The Influence Conference last September, and the special women’s event I just attended where I knew no one, and an invitation to be part of a book club where, again, I know no one.

One of the best, sweetest, most amazing things about God is that He doesn’t let us stay stuck in our junk; He is faithful to bring healing and freedom, no matter how long it takes.


It’s time to be brave.

Caroline Garza

Hi! I’m Caroline: a Christ-follower, wife, writer, and future adoptive mama. I live in Dallas with my husband and our two fur babies.  You can find me at

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