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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

It was my first time sitting nervous in the car outside the now-familiar house, the first time I would arrive excessively early and circle the block a few times, mustering the courage to knock on the door. I’d barely met these people, yet in a manner that it seems only evangelical Christians have truly mastered, […]


Remember This if Nothing More

I can’t seem to finish my stories. Lately, I’ve opened my computer and sat down to write, and somewhere in the middle of an essay, I can’t find the story anymore. It’s not a lack of ideas, as I’ve probably started six posts this way, nor a lack of details, as the beginnings and middles […]


Some people think I’m a writer.

My bloggy friend Karissa Knox Sorrell tagged me in a blog hop about my “writing process”. This is odd to me because I don’t usually consider myself a writer and I very rarely consider process, but apparently I should stop using those words in quotes. As a step in that direction, I’m going ahead and […]

Photo by Tony Parkin via Flickr

When the Inspiration Doesn’t Come

This blog… It’s called “The Inspired Story” because sometimes I can’t escape the story and the metaphor in the world. I see glimpses of eternity in the temporal and I can’t take credit for that inspiration. Some days I wake up and the metaphor is everywhere, God is everywhere, inspiration is everywhere and I can’t […]


How languages are learned (and forgotten)

When a child is learning a new language and totally immersed in it, there are two things that can happen. They can embrace the new language so fully that they actually begin to forget their old language, called first language attrition, or they can continue to view their old language as useful and beautiful and […]


No Matter What

I’m linking up with SheLoves Magazine for their monthly blogging fiesta. They’re talking about empowerment over there, so here’s a post about the most empowering, supportive, and encouraging person I know. It had snowed (again) that morning, but I wasn’t going to complain. I had a flight back to the-land-of-no-snow in a few days and […]