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Remember This if Nothing More

I can’t seem to finish my stories. Lately, I’ve opened my computer and sat down to write, and somewhere in the middle of an essay, I can’t find the story anymore. It’s not a lack of ideas, as I’ve probably started six posts this way, nor a lack of details, as the beginnings and middles […]


It Would Have Been Enough

If I were allowed to have a favorite part of the Passover Seder, it would be the dayenu ┬ásong. I know that’s like a Jew saying their favorite part of the Eucharist is the wine. I’m not Jewish, my experience with seders is limited and translated and half the time very, very inauthentic and sacrilegious. […]

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The Intoxication Miscommunication [Or: A Theology of False Cognates]

“MISS I’M INTOXICATED!!!” We had just come in from recess and he was the last one through the door, except one child had stopped in the doorway and started yelling. “Hon, no you’re not… Please don’t come into my class yelling.” “Yes, Miss, yes, I am intoxicated miss I AM INTOXICATED!” I was beginning to […]

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Travelin’ Tuesdays: What does this mean?

Can you believe it’s Tuesday again already? We’re back with another Travelin’ Tuesdays post (be sure to check out the rest of them while you’re here!) and an announcement. I know this will be tragic news to some of you, but we’re going to take a brief hiatus from the Tuesdays that Travel during Lent. […]