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The Parable of the Wedding Feast: A Modern Retelling

It’s been a hard week to be an evangelical. Really, it’s been a hard year. It’s hard to see so many churches in America aligning themselves politically with discrimination, homophobia, sexism, and fear. It breaks my heart that the loudest, and sometimes the only, voices speaking from the evangelical community are not speaking the words […]


The Women of Advent: Peace and Prophecy

This advent, I am posting about the women of advent- the women who waited with longing and expectation for what they could not see or understand. Last week I wrote about Leah and her abiding hope. Rahab is one of the more fascinating women in the Biblical narrative. Her defining characteristic when she is first […]


Women of Advent: This time I will praise the Lord

This post, and the rest of the series, originally appeared on my blog three years ago when it was in a different space. I’m editing and reposting them this year as a reminder that we are not the only ones who wait with eager expectation for the promised Messiah. Advent is my favorite season in […]


Leaving the Last Dessert and Other Lessons in Womanhood

At this very moment, there is a piece of delicious lemon blueberry cake in the fridge with mold on it, a quickly rotting pumpkin cupcake on the counter, and a plate full of half-cookies and crumbs on the table. We never eat the last dessert. My precious roommate and I are both unbearably female in […]


Sex and Dignity: Can you have both?

She is clothed with Strength and Dignity… … she laughs without fear of the future. Around this time last year, several of my college friends were planning a long weekend trip to the beach. To save money, we decided we’d split a beach house and share rooms and beds and bring air mattresses (we wouldn’t […]

This is me, circa 1990, crying about how jealous I am that someday there will be mommy bloggers and I won't be one.

I’m Not a Mommy Blogger

If you surveyed the entire community of people who have blogs similar to mine, I would be willing to bet that more than 75% of them are women with children, hereafter known as “Mommy Bloggers”. Many of them are stay at home moms and a larger-than-the-national-average percentage home school. These women are a force to […]

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From the Mouths of Babes [Bring Back Our Girls]

We finished worship, the end of the day, the end of the week. The sweet children were singing to the God who they love even before they can understand Him. It doesn’t seem to bother them the way it bothers me (oh, to have childlike faith). We were singing Oceans and I was half singing, […]

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Women of Lent: All that she had

Her story is told in two of the Gospels, but she never interacts with Jesus or his disciples. She may not have even noticed them . She simply slipped into the temple, offered these two coins as an offering, and left. She probably was ashamed of what little she had to give. As Jesus was […]

Does Jesus reach out to us or do we reach out to Jesus? Yes.

Women of Lent: Unclean

  What would it mean to make the son of God “unclean”? I can’t believe there’s only a little over a week left in Lent. I have so enjoyed studying and learning from the women that Jesus interacted with during his time on earth, but we’re running out of time and there are still so […]

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Women of Lent- No one, Lord

The door flies open and you scream as hands grab and pull and carry you out, naked and condemned. They shout about caught in the act, stonings, about laws and condemnation and you didn’t even want to be here. But what right does a woman have to say no. You grab the bed sheet on the floor […]