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Painting by Numbers and Other Hard Things

Sometime over Christmas break last year, I was sitting at my parents’ house with my younger brother as he searched Pinterest for Christmas gift ideas. As a girl who grew up in a house full of boys, the fact that my younger brother uses Pinterest to find craft ideas is a blessing not lost on […]


Consider the Sparrow

The small, brown bird didn’t flinch as I approached. He sat, perfectly still, tufts of feathers standing on end, just inches away from my foot. Only his eyes moved, wide and sickly, watching as I tiptoed around him. Finally, slowly, he hopped twice and tried to take flight. But he didn’t have enough energy or […]


A Trail of Manna

I have long loved the story of God providing manna to the Israelites in the desert. From the utterly and completely dependent relationship it created to ┬áits very name (“What is this?”), manna has felt like a metaphor for how I meet God. There’s a lot of opening my hands to find something I don’t […]

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Travelin’ Tuesdays- Not Knowing Where He Was Going

In trying to process my current traveling/living abroad situation, I’ve noticed how very often God leads people out of what’s familiar and comfortable in the Bible. People travel around a lot in Bible stories, in both the Old and New Testaments, and these stories have been encouraging and convicting in both my literal travels this […]

Fall of Manna, Copyright Lawrence OP via Flickr

What is this?

I would have made a great Ancient Israelite. Seriously. I am an expert at forgetting how God has provided for me in the past. I’m even worse at taking what He has done and seeing how it applies to what I’m facing now. And then sometimes God provides and I look at it and I […]