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Me too.

“Miss H. I need a pink crayon.” “Me too!” “Here you go sweetie. What’s your name again?” “Joshua.” “Me too!” “Miss H., it is very mucho hot outside.” “Me too!”   Guys. Kindergarten ESL actually sounds like this. This is my real life job and I could not love it more. The little one who […]

When I wrote those words on the board, I had no idea what I was in for this year.

A Love Letter to My Students

Dear Tercero Uno, We’ve still got a few weeks left together, you and I, but it’s time to start thinking about the end. I don’t even know how to begin this, and I certainly don’t know how to end it. Sounds kind of like our year together, doesn’t it? On the first day of school, […]


10 Ways Teaching Abroad Made Me a Better Teacher (and person)

When I signed up for this gig, I was mostly looking to improve my Spanish and see the world. While both of those have been true, I have gained so much more both in and out of the classroom through my time overseas. Here are just ten of the many things I have learned and […]

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The Intoxication Miscommunication [Or: A Theology of False Cognates]

“MISS I’M INTOXICATED!!!” We had just come in from recess and he was the last one through the door, except one child had stopped in the doorway and started yelling. “Hon, no you’re not… Please don’t come into my class yelling.” “Yes, Miss, yes, I am intoxicated miss I AM INTOXICATED!” I was beginning to […]

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From the Mouths of Babes [Bring Back Our Girls]

We finished worship, the end of the day, the end of the week. The sweet children were singing to the God who they love even before they can understand Him. It doesn’t seem to bother them the way it bothers me (oh, to have childlike faith). We were singing Oceans and I was half singing, […]


Rachel Recommends…

This week’s post is brought to you by Daylight Savings Time! After nearly a month of being confused about what time it is whenever I want to talk to people in the States, I’m back in Central Time now. It is also brought to you by this turkey hat, which I will be wearing at […]


No Matter What

I’m linking up with SheLoves Magazine for their monthly blogging fiesta. They’re talking about empowerment over there, so here’s a post about the most empowering, supportive, and encouraging person I know. It had snowed (again) that morning, but I wasn’t going to complain. I had a flight back to the-land-of-no-snow in a few days and […]


For My Name’s Sake

“Stupid ****.” I turned around slowly and surveyed the fourth graders seated at my table. They were staring at me with wide eyes, shocked at what had been said and holding their breath to see my reaction. I tried to gauge their faces, to guess who had said it. Finally, a controlled but angry whisper […]

"Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God's story never ends with ashes." -Elisabeth Elliot

in the telling.

Every day, I wake up to the same song for my alarm. You strive, o man, and you strive again, your heart too proud to rest It’s an ironic way to wake up and I love it. I check my email, see if anything exciting has happened in the news, struggle into my clothes and […]

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A New Language

I’ve been studying Genesis, lately, both with my students and on my own. It’s all quite familiar, really, and easy to skim through. Recently, however, when I read Genesis 3, I noticed something that God said. Adam told God that he was naked and God said, “Who told you you were naked?” God was essentially […]