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The Parable of the Wedding Feast: A Modern Retelling

It’s been a hard week to be an evangelical. Really, it’s been a hard year. It’s hard to see so many churches in America aligning themselves politically with discrimination, homophobia, sexism, and fear. It breaks my heart that the loudest, and sometimes the only, voices speaking from the evangelical community are not speaking the words […]


Love Isn’t a Sure Thing

I got my engagement ring resized this week by a funny little man in an office building downtown. I stepped out of the elevator and there he was- in a tiny cubicle with welding goggles on, and he offered to fix the ring while I waited. We chatted while he worked, and he told me […]


We’re Not Listening to the Story

I co-teach Sunday school to the four year olds at my church and it is consistently one of the highlights of my week. These little ones are so precious and generous with their love and I have loved getting to know their hearts this year. But more than that, getting to tell the Story of […]


The Stories We Tell Ourselves

It was my first time sitting nervous in the car outside the now-familiar house, the first time I would arrive excessively early and circle the block a few times, mustering the courage to knock on the door. I’d barely met these people, yet in a manner that it seems only evangelical Christians have truly mastered, […]


Remember This if Nothing More

I can’t seem to finish my stories. Lately, I’ve opened my computer and sat down to write, and somewhere in the middle of an essay, I can’t find the story anymore. It’s not a lack of ideas, as I’ve probably started six posts this way, nor a lack of details, as the beginnings and middles […]

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31 Days of Misfit Faith

Welcome to 31 Days of Misfit Faith! To read the first day’s post, scroll down. New links to new posts will be added here daily. Day 2- A Prayer of Fear Day 3- And Not With the Truth Day 4- Or better yet, Thank You Day 5- Broken For You Day 6- Why are we […]


Or maybe I’ll be an astronaut.

Happy International Women’s Day! Today I’m linking up with Story Sessions to write about “the girls we once were.” You should click over and read their beautiful stories as well. I can remember standing at the bottom of the stairs in the basement of the house my parents still live in, asking my mom how […]


Good To Me

Last year I lived in a little duplex in South Nashville with a beautiful roommate and a cuddly fat cat. I started to learn how to be a grown-up in that house (although today I told a third grader that one of the best things about being a grown-up is sometimes having popcorn and ice […]


Travelin’ Tuesdays: Brought Back Empty

Aaaand we’re back with another Travelin’ Tuesdays post! This one even features a woman. Click on the category “Travelin’ Tuesdays” to see the other posts in this series. Some people travel for adventure, some people travel to see the world, some people travel because they are searching for something, and some people travel because they […]

"Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God's story never ends with ashes." -Elisabeth Elliot

in the telling.

Every day, I wake up to the same song for my alarm. You strive, o man, and you strive again, your heart too proud to rest It’s an ironic way to wake up and I love it. I check my email, see if anything exciting has happened in the news, struggle into my clothes and […]