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You know what comment followed this photo? "Well, there you go, buddy!"

“Well, there you go, buddy!”

I have a confession to make: Sometimes I listen to Christian radio in the morning when I’m getting ready. Christian radio is kind of the not-theologically-important great divide amongst evangelicals, I’ve found: some people LOVE it and exclusively listen to it, and others are WAY TOO COOL to listen to something as lame as a […]

Photo by US Army Africa, via Flickr

Women of Lent- No one, Lord

The door flies open and you scream as hands grab and pull and carry you out, naked and condemned. They shout about caught in the act, stonings, about laws and condemnation and you didn’t even want to be here. But what right does a woman have to say no. You grab the bed sheet on the floor […]

Photo by Jeremy Seto, via Flickr

Women of Lent- All that I ever did

This post is a part of my Lenten series called “The Women of Lent”. For an explanation of the series and to see the past posts, check out the posts in the category “Women of Lent“.   She has no name. She has the longest one on one conversation with Jesus recorded in the Bible, […]