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Love Isn’t a Sure Thing

I got my engagement ring resized this week by a funny little man in an office building downtown. I stepped out of the elevator and there he was- in a tiny cubicle with welding goggles on, and he offered to fix the ring while I waited. We chatted while he worked, and he told me […]


Love Warrior: A Book Review

I’ve loved Glennon Doyle Melton from her blog and facebook updates through her first book, and had been eagerly awaiting this most recent book for months. I finished it in two days (and y’all, it’s been a busy week, so that is really quite a feat). I was expecting this book to be a story […]


Here, I’ll Show You

“Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m so glad you reached out tonight. Would you mind sharing your name?” I spend at least four hours of my week typing those exact words over and over, responding to text after text from total strangers in crisis. Crises come in many shapes and sizes, but most everyone […]


Sorry, I Mean Thank You

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me in person, you’ve probably noticed I apologize a lot. I say, “Sorry?” to my students when they don’t speak up. I apologize for asking to leave early or overstaying my welcome, for arriving too early or too late, for showing up at all half the time. […]

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Church Signs and Sucker Punches

I passed a little church not far from my apartment the other day. I didn’t register the name of the church or the denomination. I don’t think I know anyone who attends and I don’t know anything about what their services are like. All I know about them is what their sign out front said. […]


“I would never be ashamed of you.”

I have long held that love is in the showing up. There are people in my life who I do not know how to love well, so I show up for them. It is all I know to do, and I have told myself it is enough. It is Holy Week, which comes in with […]


Love in the time of Ebola

This isn’t really going to be a post about Ebola, but the title was too perfect to not use. What does it mean to love in this world today? Really, when it comes down to it, this is the million dollar question for the church in this generation. How do we love, here, now, these […]


A Prayer for Love

Love Abundant, Some days love is hard to come by. some days it is hard to understand, and some days it is hard to receive (from You, or from anyone).   We know that you are Love entirely, That apart from you we know no love, we give no love.   So, Love, fill us up […]


Travelin’ Tuesdays: “Go at Once.”

  Sometimes I wish I heard God as clearly as Jonah did. But sometimes I also wonder if I would do exactly what Jonah did even when God literally spoke to him with some pretty unquestionable language: Go at once to Ninevah. Because in this broken world, even when the creator God calls us by name […]



Lately I feel like I haven’t been intentionally living my life to honor [God]– I’ve just been doing whatever I want and hoping it doesn’t happen to dishonor Him. I choose to make idols, not just of wicked things but of good things, too. Sometimes I choose everything but Him. But this is what I know […]