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A Love Letter to the Missed Days

It’s no secret that I’ve missed a few days. I’ve written 19 love letters so far, by my count, which is a lot more love than I usually write in a month. But that puts me nine days behind, a failure at writing every day this month. And yet I love the missed days. So […]


Be Careful, Viking Nacho: A Love Letter to My Roomie

Dearest Roomie, It’s your birthday! You’ve reached the big milestone of not being able to use your parent’s health insurance anymore- congratulations!¬† As a celebration of the beginning of your 27th year of life, I wanted to write you a love letter, because I love you the most, friend (shhh don’t tell the others). I […]

a love letter to my body

A Love Letter to My Body

Hey there old friend, We’ve been through a lot together, you and I. Pretty much everything, really. I haven’t always loved you well, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not exercising enough or eating well, for not always getting enough sleep and for sometimes resenting you. You have always gotten me where I need to […]


A Love Letter to the Light-Bearers

Dear Light-Bearers, I love you. A few weeks ago I wrote what could have been a love letter to those in the deep darkness, and I told them all about you. About how you’ll willingly leave the light and head into their darkness because love makes its own light. And in the weeks since I’ve […]

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A Love Letter to The Next Thing

Sometimes all you can do is the next thing. When it’s terrible and exhausting and you don’t know where you’re going or what to do, all you can do is the next thing. Get out of bed. Brush your teeth. Put on your big girl panties.¬†Walk out the door. It’s in those seasons when the […]


Guac is Extra: A Love Letter

(For those who are not a part of my real life, you may not know that my cat’s name is Guacamole. This is a love letter to him, not to the delicious green dip that certainly deserves its own love letter some day in the future. Maybe tomorrow.) Dearest Guacamole, You haven’t bitten me in […]

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To Those of Much Faith

Dear Faithful Ones, First of all, I love you. I love you because your faith has made me well, because you consistently and constantly point me back to our Good God. I don’t always understand you. I can’t imagine the kind of surety you profess, the kind of rest you seem to know, but I […]


A Love Letter to the Woods

Today I got a little bit lost in the woods with some dear friends who laugh together so well. We pointed out beauty to each other, wondered aloud at the magnificence of the rock faces and the slowly turning leaves. And I remembered how dearly I love the woods. I love the woods on blue […]


A Love Letter to Teachers

Dearest Compadres, This is a love letter to the easily overlooked, overworked, and over-it: teachers. Your work matters. And we love you for it. Teachers, you arrive early and stay late and you know your kiddos like they were your kiddos. Because let’s be real, they are. Thank you. We love you. You go to […]


A Love Letter To The Open Doors

I have a few friends who keep their doors open, whose houses I walk into without knocking or even feeling a need to announce my presence. I once let myself into a friend’s house while she was in the shower and she just said, “Hey” when she got out, not at all surprised to see […]