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Catching Light

I have a problem that all of my friends know far too well. I cannot keep happy secrets.  “Real secrets”, as I call them, I’ll hold onto forever. No worries about your deep-dark-secrets getting sold out. But if you tell me you’re pregnant, or engaged, or interviewing for a new job that you’re excited about, […]


Sorry, I Mean Thank You

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me in person, you’ve probably noticed I apologize a lot. I say, “Sorry?” to my students when they don’t speak up. I apologize for asking to leave early or overstaying my welcome, for arriving too early or too late, for showing up at all half the time. […]



It’s a new year, and things have been strangely quiet around here so far. I’ve discovered that while I love to write about the beauty in the brokenness and finding joy in waiting, I don’t know yet what to say about finding joy in beauty. That is to say: the world is more beautiful and […]


A Love Letter to the Light-Bearers

Dear Light-Bearers, I love you. A few weeks ago I wrote what could have been a love letter to those in the deep darkness, and I told them all about you. About how you’ll willingly leave the light and head into their darkness because love makes its own light. And in the weeks since I’ve […]


The Deep Darkness

A 14-year-old student in my school district tragically lost her battle with The Deep Darkness recently. Last week was National Suicide Prevention Week and this post has been muddling around in my brain since then, because perhaps some of you are in The Deep, too. I’ve learned a few things about The Deep Darkness over the […]