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I keep getting lost. Not really lost so much as missing my exit or turning the wrong way down the road. If you know me at all, this is not surprising news (I am notoriously bad at choosing even which direction to turn down a hallway when leaving a room). I am directionally challenged, but this is […]


Wandering Into Identity

During the month of July here at The Inspired Story, we’re going to be chatting about this WanderFull life with some friends of mine. Today I have Whitney Conard from Journey Mercies here to tell you about where her journeys are taking her these days and what she’s learning along the way. I’m flying back to the US today and […]

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Made for Another World: Responsibilities of Citizenship

We are all about travel and immigration here at The Inspired Story this week, so let’s finish it up well with the responsibilities of citizenship, the conclusion of the Made for Another World post from Tuesday. If you haven’t read that one yet, start there. Because you should start with the benefits before you get […]

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Why Don’t They Just Learn English?

When I first started my job as an ESL teacher in the States, I was telling an acquaintance about the ethnic and racial breakdown of my students, most of whom were Hispanic, some of whom were Karen, and a handful of whom were Kurdish. His response upon hearing about my sweet elementary students was, “Why […]


10 Ways Teaching Abroad Made Me a Better Teacher (and person)

When I signed up for this gig, I was mostly looking to improve my Spanish and see the world. While both of those have been true, I have gained so much more both in and out of the classroom through my time overseas. Here are just ten of the many things I have learned and […]

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The Calling in the Mirror

  A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog announcing that I was moving to Mexico. I had looked into the mirror at my life in Nashville and decided I was dissatisfied with the background. I wasn’t growing, I wasn’t being challenged, there was no adventure. Today I am writing a blog announcing […]

The view from inside the clouds. Americanization can't touch this, ya'll.

Americanization vs. Globalization

Last Wednesday, I watched the movie Pompey. It was pretty terrible, but the main guy was CUTE and the movie theater chairs were comfy. Then we had Chilis for dinner and some of us went to go shopping in Forever 21. This may seem like a not-blog-worthy day, and indeed it wasn’t a particularly unusual […]