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For My Name’s Sake

“Stupid ****.” I turned around slowly and surveyed the fourth graders seated at my table. They were staring at me with wide eyes, shocked at what had been said and holding their breath to see my reaction. I tried to gauge their faces, to guess who had said it. Finally, a controlled but angry whisper […]

Fall of Manna, Copyright Lawrence OP via Flickr

What is this?

I would have made a great Ancient Israelite. Seriously. I am an expert at forgetting how God has provided for me in the past. I’m even worse at taking what He has done and seeing how it applies to what I’m facing now. And then sometimes God provides and I look at it and I […]

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A New Language

I’ve been studying Genesis, lately, both with my students and on my own. It’s all quite familiar, really, and easy to skim through. Recently, however, when I read Genesis 3, I noticed something that God said. Adam told God that he was naked and God said, “Who told you you were naked?” God was essentially […]

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Why “The Inspired Story”?

I’ve always been a big non-fiction fan. There’s something magical about hearing or reading or watching a story and knowing that this really happened somewhere, that someone really lived something like this. That it is possible and it did happen. Movies are often based loosely on true stories, and the truer of those will say something in the tag […]