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5 Important Questions the Noah Movie Raised

Last weekend, I managed to con/convince a few friends into going to see the Noah movie with me. I had heard reviews on every end of the spectrum about it, and I wanted to form my own opinion. I sat down, trying to keep my expectations low and to just enjoy the movie as entertainment, […]


Travelin’ Tuesdays: “Go at Once.”

  Sometimes I wish I heard God as clearly as Jonah did. But sometimes I also wonder if I would do exactly what Jonah did even when God literally spoke to him with some pretty unquestionable language:¬†Go at once to Ninevah. Because in this broken world, even when the creator God calls us by name […]


For My Name’s Sake

“Stupid ****.” I turned around slowly and surveyed the fourth graders seated at my table. They were staring at me with wide eyes, shocked at what had been said and holding their breath to see my reaction. I tried to gauge their faces, to guess who had said it. Finally, a controlled but angry whisper […]