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A Belated Christmas Reflection

Two years ago, I taught a Sunday school class to the preschoolers at my church that was meant to walk them through the narrative of the Old Testament over the course of a year. Of course, what that meant was that we spent more time than any preschooler is really interested in discussing wandering in […]


Here, I’ll Show You

“Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m so glad you reached out tonight. Would you mind sharing your name?” I spend at least four hours of my week typing those exact words over and over, responding to text after text from total strangers in crisis. Crises come in many shapes and sizes, but most everyone […]


Jesus, Immigrants, and The Great Wall of Mexico

We were about halfway through Green Eggs and Ham, laboriously sounding out the words, identifying the vocabulary, looking at the pictures. The girls I sat with focused hard and leaned close to their books around the table, even though the text should have been easy for them at nine and ten years old. But these hard-working ladies […]


On Gutters and Grace

The gutter above my patio is broken. I live on the first floor of a two story apartment building, so the broken gutter just looks like a small, sporadic waterfall over one corner of the patio when it rains. For a while, that corner was where I was keeping my cilantro plant, until it not-so-spontaneously […]


It Would Have Been Enough

If I were allowed to have a favorite part of the Passover Seder, it would be the dayenu  song. I know that’s like a Jew saying their favorite part of the Eucharist is the wine. I’m not Jewish, my experience with seders is limited and translated and half the time very, very inauthentic and sacrilegious. […]


What Keeps Me: Jesus

Last week I wrote about one reason I stay at church: the community. And as wonderful as my church community is, it’s a good thing there are other reasons to stay too, because they are human and therefore, sometimes, mess up. The second reason I stay at church is one that doesn’t mess up. I […]

Photo by Darren Johnson via Flickr.

God Actually Died

See Mary weeping, “Where is He laid?” As in sorrow she turns from the empty tomb; Hears a voice speaking, calling her name; It’s the Master, the Lord raised to life again! The voice that spans the years, Speaking life, stirring hope, bringing peace to us, Will sound till He appears, For He lives: Christ is risen from the dead!  Last week […]



Joy is a loaded word for a lot of us who grew up in the church. We know that Joy is supposed to be different than happiness because we are supposed to have Joy all the time, regardless of circumstances. Happiness comes and goes, we’re told, but with Jesus you get to have Joy forever. […]


I don’t know where we’re going.

I have an old, worn pair of Toms that say, “The Journey is the Destination” all over them that I have loved practically into oblivion. It feels like wearing the shoes of the Gospel of Peace with those words written on my feet; it feels like the Kingdom is already here. One of my first […]

Photo by Darren Johnson via Flickr.

Easter Jesus

John 20:11-16 Now Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus’ body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot. They asked her, “Woman, why are you crying?” “They have taken my Lord away,” she […]