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The Parable of the Wedding Feast: A Modern Retelling

It’s been a hard week to be an evangelical. Really, it’s been a hard year. It’s hard to see so many churches in America aligning themselves politically with discrimination, homophobia, sexism, and fear. It breaks my heart that the loudest, and sometimes the only, voices speaking from the evangelical community are not speaking the words […]


Jesus, Immigrants, and The Great Wall of Mexico

We were about halfway through Green Eggs and Ham, laboriously sounding out the words, identifying the vocabulary, looking at the pictures. The girls I sat with focused hard and leaned close to their books around the table, even though the text should have been easy for them at nine and ten years old. But these hard-working ladies […]


Fellow Misfits: The Foreigner in Your Land

It’s no secret that immigrants are near and dear to my heart. I work with immigrants, I live in a highly diverse part of town, I lived as an immigrant in another country last year. I, on a small scale, understand the heartbreak and difficulty of life as a foreigner, and I care deeply for […]


This Shit is [because of] Bananas

I know this is a bit of a divergence from my regular types of posts, but having spent quite a bit of time in Central America recently, this is an issue that is close to my heart and close to the hearts of many people I love. Additionally, it’s getting a lot of political airtime […]

Photo by MissKoco via flickr.

Why Don’t They Just Learn English?

When I first started my job as an ESL teacher in the States, I was telling an acquaintance about the ethnic and racial breakdown of my students, most of whom were Hispanic, some of whom were Karen, and a handful of whom were Kurdish. His response upon hearing about my sweet elementary students was, “Why […]