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Leaving the Last Dessert and Other Lessons in Womanhood

At this very moment, there is a piece of delicious lemon blueberry cake in the fridge with mold on it, a quickly rotting pumpkin cupcake on the counter, and a plate full of half-cookies and crumbs on the table. We never eat the last dessert. My precious roommate and I are both unbearably female in […]


Their Faith Has Made Me Well

He lays, motionless, on a mat. He is a burden to his family and friends, has always been a burden. He cannot work, cannot earn money, cannot even lift his hands to feed himself or raise himself up to sit and beg. Life is hard, and then you die. He has no hope of healing, […]


Consider the Sparrow

The small, brown bird didn’t flinch as I approached. He sat, perfectly still, tufts of feathers standing on end, just inches away from my foot. Only his eyes moved, wide and sickly, watching as I tiptoed around him. Finally, slowly, he hopped twice and tried to take flight. But he didn’t have enough energy or […]


Carrying Hope (at the Mudroom)

My hardest days at work aren’t the days when my students are loud or disobedient or unkind to each other. Those days are hard, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t the hardest. We have procedures and consequences in place for those things, we learn from them and then we move on. Those are the […]


A Trail of Manna

I have long loved the story of God providing manna to the Israelites in the desert. From the utterly and completely dependent relationship it created to ┬áits very name (“What is this?”), manna has felt like a metaphor for how I meet God. There’s a lot of opening my hands to find something I don’t […]


Celebrating Between Storms

I spent the weekend between storms. We went on a whirlwind beach trip that involved a 7-hour-turned-10-hour drive down to Florida after work on Friday with a few close friends and a few less-than-close friends to spend all day Saturday and a small portion of Sunday at a beautiful beach house before turning around to […]


Like a Cardinal on a Grey Day

When people ask me what I like to do for fun, I usually say I like to run. This is laughable to people who actually know me, because usually I like TV on the couch more than I like to run, which means that I rarely actually go for a run. Sometimes it’s a problem […]


The Voice of Evil

I used to be afraid to talk about evil. Not in a He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named way, where naming it somehow brings it about. Rather, I didn’t like to call things evil because I wasn’t sure what qualified as “evil” rather than just “bad”. I’m more comfortable with calling evil where I see it now. Maybe I’m aware […]


Faith is the Semicolon of Life

I never really had grammar classes in elementary school. I learned parts of speech from playing Mad Libs and then later on from taking Spanish classes. I never had to diagram sentences and have no memory of learning about where the comma goes when you’re using quotation marks before high school. I read a lot […]


Do Not Be Afraid

I know I need to write this post, but I do not know what I am going to say. Because I do not know how to not be afraid. This is not a how-to post or an encouraging post or even a “me too” post. This is a cry, perhaps a prayer, from the trenches. […]