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run away

Lost Cause

I was never one of those kids who threatened to run away from home. Don’t get me wrong, I was not the perfect child; at around age 3 I realize that I could scream at the pitch that the alarm system believed was breaking glass and the alarm would instantly go into panic mode. With […]


For When You Don’t Know Why

Today I told the story of Moses and the bronze serpent on a stick to my Sunday school class. They’re four, so we started off class by slithering on our stomachs and hissing for 30 seconds and ended with some solid coloring time, but in between we talked about complaining and faith and consequences and […]

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Church Signs and Sucker Punches

I passed a little church not far from my apartment the other day. I didn’t register the name of the church or the denomination. I don’t think I know anyone who attends and I don’t know anything about what their services are like. All I know about them is what their sign out front said. […]

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To Those of Much Faith

Dear Faithful Ones, First of all, I love you. I love you because your faith has made me well, because you consistently and constantly point me back to our Good God. I don’t always understand you. I can’t imagine the kind of surety you profess, the kind of rest you seem to know, but I […]


To Those Who Doubt

Beloved friend, You are not alone. Right now, your doubts and fears may feel like some kind of personal failure, and that makes it hard to talk about. That’s okay. There are people out there who want to listen to your story, not to save you or convert you or fix you (though those people […]


Their Faith Has Made Me Well

He lays, motionless, on a mat. He is a burden to his family and friends, has always been a burden. He cannot work, cannot earn money, cannot even lift his hands to feed himself or raise himself up to sit and beg. Life is hard, and then you die. He has no hope of healing, […]


The Voice of Evil

I used to be afraid to talk about evil. Not in a He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named way, where naming it somehow brings it about. Rather, I didn’t like to call things evil because I wasn’t sure what qualified as “evil” rather than just “bad”. I’m more comfortable with calling evil where I see it now. Maybe I’m aware […]


It Is Today Every Day

We’re still working on learning our days of the week in kindergarten, and the concept of yesterday has been particularly difficult for some of my kiddos to master. Counting backwards has its challenges as well, but it’s a step more difficult with days of the week. Today, in an effort to help them answer the […]


Mundane (and Magical)

There are dishes literally overflowing from my sink. My bag from traveling last weekend is not only still packed, it’s still in my entryway. I’ve stopped packing lunches and instead just have a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and jelly already at school. It’s Thursday in November and plodding seems like a good […]

My Hosanna

And not with the truth

From time to time during this misfit faith series, I will be featuring the broken, bruised, limping faith of others throughout history. Sometimes I will agree with them, sometimes I will disagree, sometimes I’m not sure but always they have made me think. Dostoevsky’s struggles with faith and doubt surely qualify him for membership in our […]