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For When You Don’t Know Why

Today I told the story of Moses and the bronze serpent on a stick to my Sunday school class. They’re four, so we started off class by slithering on our stomachs and hissing for 30 seconds and ended with some solid coloring time, but in between we talked about complaining and faith and consequences and […]


Praying Namaste in Church

Someone once asked me if I believe that God still speaks to us in words, out loud, like it seems like he must have done in Biblical times. I said I thought he mostly used his People, full of his Spirit, to talk for him these days, but that I didn’t rule out his audible […]

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Church Signs and Sucker Punches

I passed a little church not far from my apartment the other day. I didn’t register the name of the church or the denomination. I don’t think I know anyone who attends and I don’t know anything about what their services are like. All I know about them is what their sign out front said. […]


Breath and Harmony

I love knowing the people I sit next to on Sunday mornings. I love knowing what’s beautiful and what’s difficult in their lives right now, what difficult and beautiful things they have already moved through in life. It helps me to see the gentle harmonies of our lives in community, of our lives as part […]


Why I Stay: Community

It’s no secret to most of my friends from church that my faith doesn’t quite fit in. Many of them read this blog, and most of them talk to me about it, and for that I am so grateful. Some of them have asked me if I think I’ll stay in the church, or more […]


With a Tear in Your Eye

I seriously contemplated staying home yesterday morning, as I do many Sundays. I finally remembered I needed to pay for retreat and return a friend’s tupperware that I had stolen accidentally, so I decided I should go. I laughed with old friends and hugged some new ones and introduced myself to some even newer ones. […]

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A White Wine Communion (and other unorthodoxies)

I can’t remember taking my first communion. I can vaguely remember my parents working through some kind of faith/church devotional/workbook thing with me and my brother and then deeming us ready for communion, but I don’t remember the actual event and have no idea how old I was. The church I grew up in does […]