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This week’s recommendations are brought to you by love and Valentine’s Day and this quote from Frederick Buechner:

Quote by Frederick Buechner

Quote by Frederick Buechner


As Sure As the Sun by Ellie Holcomb. I love Ellie’s voice and her thoughts and her faith and the scripture that is woven into every song.

On the Web:

Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Please. “I already know that He is, and that He will, but still…
Ah, there’s the catch. I don’t do well at “still”. I do a lot better at chaos, swirling panic, grasping. Trying. Fearing that I’m alone.” Beautiful poem, beautiful prayer.

To Those For Whom V-Day Stinks. To be honest, I love Valentine’s Day (pink and chocolate? What more could you want from a holiday?) but I also teach elementary school where my favorite 13 little Valentines and I get an excuse to celebrate love. If Valentine’s Day isn’t so great for you, this is a great post.

Girls and Legos. Let’s just end the gender stereotypes now, yes? Also that child from 1981 is SO CUTE.

A Valentine’s Day Meditation. A slightly depressing story about why love is important that references a wonderful C.S. Lewis quote. Beautifully written.

God is Not Eternal. An interesting thought that I think ultimately comes down to semantics (I generally consider “eternal” and “everlasting” to be synonyms, but this was a very thorough post on the important differences in nuance between the two words). Definitely worth a read.

On My Bookshelf:

We had a Valentine’s Day party, 5 whole days of school, after school tutoring and general craziness this week. I didn’t read any actual books, except Bud Not Buddy which I am reading aloud to my class, and highly recommend to adults as well.


I saw Serendipity for the first time this week, which I loved. I also watched “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” with my kids. Charlie Brown holiday movies are my favorite thing.

What about you? What’s on your computer/bookshelf/iPod this week?

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