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This week’s recommendations are brought to you by a full day of recuerdo shopping with some great finds!

We'll see how it does on the flight home.

We’ll see how it does on the flight home.

Here are some of the wonderful things I found around the web this week.

On the Web:

Showing up and telling the truth. “Years ago a friend told me a little something her therapist shared that I always remember. Part of becoming more loving, more free people is learning how to: 1. Show up 2. Tell the truth. 3. Trust God. 4. Let go of the outcome.”

My confidence since my youth. A camp story! My favorite kind. “Camp shaped me. It softened some of my edges and made me more confident. It strengthened my roots, inviting me deeper into faith, community, and my own gifts.”

When Value and Gender Intertwine. “I didn’t much care about receiving the inheritance of a son until I saw the reality that being a woman sometimes means a smaller or non-existent inheritance, which can lead to being ignored and neglected.”

Do you want a beautiful woman? On the exclusion of single women. “We should desire for the whole bride of Christ, not just the women, or just the married women, to be beautiful. Proclaim the manifold wonder of what the gospel has done in our lives and how it has transformed us.”

On my bookshelf:

Every Shattered Thing by Elora Ramirez. This was free on Noisetrade books and I swear I read it in less than 24 hours. Heavy and hard but hopeful and beautifully written. Definitely recommend.

On This Blog:

My most popular post this week was 10 ways teaching abroad made me a better teacher (and person). Don’t forget to check out our wonderful featured sellers in the sidebar!

What about you? What’s on your computer/bookshelf/iPod this week?

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