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This week’s recommendations are brought to you by hot coffee after productive Friday nights:

And yes, I'm working on the floor.

Rachel recommends working on the floor.

The last month of school is going to be more than a little crazy, but I also have several writing assignments I need to complete in the next few weeks and I am trying to work out details for life post-June. While that probably means the next four weeks are going to fly by full of activities and obligations, I’m also so excited for so many of the things that are coming up.

Here are some of the wonderful things I found around the world this week.

On the Web:

Why I’m Listening to Jerry Seinfeld. “Because most of it is not creative work. And not reaching an audience. You wanna be on the water? How do you wanna be on the water? You wanna be on a yacht or you wanna be on a surfboard? I wanna be on a surfboard. I don’t wanna deal with a yacht. That’s a yacht. Some people want a yacht to say See my yacht.” This is an important post about calling and ego and writing and Jerry Seinfeld. Check it out.

The Recovery Room: On Tulips and Recovery. This is a brave and honest post about choosing recovery. Looking forward to more in this series.

When you need rest and space for you (finding spiritual whitespace). “God was allowing my exhausted, weary self to surface, so that I could go on a new beautiful discovery: the journey of rest.” Probably something we all need to hear this morning.

On my bookshelf:

Boundaries by Henry Cloud. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a whole lot of time for reading this week, but I saw so much of myself in the first two chapters (and I don’t think I would have said I had a boundaries problem!). For those of you, like me, who have some trouble saying “no” to new commitments, this is a game-changer.

On This Blog:

My most popular post this week was the surprisingly controversial I’m Not a Mommy Blogger. Check it out (whether you’re a mommy blogger or not!). We’ll be getting new featured sellers tomorrow, so come back by and check them out!

What about you? What’s on your computer/bookshelf/iPod this week?

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  1. I love Cloud and Townsend. I’ve read Boundaries, Boundaries in Dating, and How People Grow. How Scripture and psychology interlock in these books have been extremely helpful to me.

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