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This week’s recommendations are brought to you by RAIN!


Rachel Recommends Rain. And Alliteration.

It has rained almost every day in the past week at least a little bit and I am oh so thankful. Look at those high temperatures- not totally unbearable! Jehovah Jireh, thank you.

On the Web:

Workshopping the Bends. One of my favorite internet friends wrote a beautiful piece about writing and embracing yourself as a writer. “I am a poet and my stories come in the marriage of short sentences to long pauses and I create a small universe into which I will invite you so long as you do not touch anything.” You should check it out, and then you should check out some of her poetry because, hallelujah amen she is a poet.

No Historical Adam? This is the beginning of a very detailed, very informative book review series that I am excited to read (and then I want to read the book myself). This post is on a theory that there is no historical Adam: “Adam’s story is our story. … To understand who we truly are, we must place ourselves in the garden of Eden. The nonhistorical first Adam is you and me. But the Good News is that the historical Second Adam died for our sins and frees us from the chains of sin and death. Amen.” Good stuff here.

Chasing a Dream in the Midst and the Afters. On being a writer who has a few other responsibilities too, on giving up dreams and finding them again. Sarah Bessey always writes beautifully, but this was superb. Read it and be encouraged.

– Searching for Jesus in Today’s Church. “I grieve that many Christian leaders all around the country who don’t hesitate to express open condemnation for abortion, universal healthcare, and the firing of reality television stars who make derogatory statements about gays and African Americans are suddenly silent when it comes to open condemnation for other Christians who choose not to report child sexual abuse to the authorities.” Grief and hope.

On my bookshelf:

– Just started Boundaries by Henry Cloud. It looks really interesting and so far it is well written and informative. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

On This Blog:

This week’s most popular post was Divergent and the Enneagram: How do Humans Respond to a Fallen World? Don’t forget to support May’s featured sellers and their wonderful work as we close out the month (can you believe it?!).

What about you? What’s on your computer/bookshelf/iPod this week?

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