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This week’s post is brought to you by my favorite bride-to-be’s birthday. I am so thankful for your dance skills and your wisdom and your humor and your awkward hugs. Can’t wait to see you in 10 days and celebrate you (and then move back to the same city as you in a few months!).1521363_10201585755308944_1826806329_n



– I have now seen more movies in theaters in the last few weeks than I have in the last several years of my life combined. I saw Noah, Divergent, The Amazing Spiderman 2, and the new Captain America in the last few weeks. I would recommend all of them, although Captain America was a little violent for me (I really don’t like violent movies. There’s enough real bad in the world that I don’t need to entertain myself by watching fictional violence.).

On the Web:

When I am Tempted To Worship Johnny Depp. “I came into the American church all geared up for a revolution. And I’ll tell you the truth, that hasn’t always gone all that well for me. About a year in, I just about lost my faith entirely. Now this happens to me all the time, that I just about lose my faith entirely.”

In Which The Kingdom of God is (sort of) Like a Light in the Trees. “But sometimes, I am too focused on the not-yet part of the Kingdom. I focus my eyes and my life entirely on the despair or the brokenness, on the frustrations and injustices. I miss the beauty in the brokenness. I miss the Church living and breathing new life into death.”

Listen to your Life. This blog reminded me so much of the themes of my blog this week “And So She Created God in her Own Image…” Well written and compelling- check it out.

What I Wish Women Knew About Men. I feel that you should know, before you click on this, that he’s being sarcastic. Because some of the commenters clearly didn’t, which is more than a little concerning.

Let’s Overwhelm Someone. What an incredible idea of love from someone who has the following to make big things happen. This is what the (blogging) church community should be.

On my bookshelf:

– Almost done with Jesus Feminist and planning a review post later this week. Keep an eye out!

On This Blog:

This week’s most popular post was my May Featured Sellers and Giveaway. Make sure you check it out if you haven’t yet- the giveaway will run until midnight Wednesday night, so be sure to check back Thursday to see if you’ve won (and for another surprise!).

What about you? What’s on your computer/bookshelf/iPod this week?

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