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This week’s post is brought to you by sticky babies. I spent the last few days teaching and living at a family-based foster home type situation about an hour outside the city. We got to teach kindergarten through sixth grade to 13 sweet and excitable children, cuddle babies and read stories and cook and clean and everything in between. It was exhausting but fulfilling, everything Holy Week should be.


– To Those Who Wait: I haven’t always been a huge Bethany Dillon fan, but the title track in this album is beautiful and scripture based and hopeful. Definitely recommend.


– I watched Frozen with a bunch of little Mexican children last night and all that has been playing in my head since then is one of the little boys who speaks no English at all singing “Leckooooo, Leckoooooo…” over and over again (in case you couldn’t tell, that was “Let it Go, Let it Go…”).

On the Web:

Jane’s Scars. “Where she used to put her head down and stare at her hands, her long hair hiding her face, she now looked straight at her classmates nothing hiding her. Where there was once a timid voice, a confident one now spoke out. Where once there was a little girl, a confident and brignt young woman sat there articulating her thoughts.”

From Dr. Pepper to a Big Backyard: A Look at Sacrifice. This blog is dedicated to and written by Christian women living abroad. So much of this post resonated with me. “And He is worth any sacrifice we are asked to make.” Yes and amen.

Happy Easter, Chuck. What Linus would say if Charlie Brown had asked, “Can’t anyone tell me what Easter is all about?”

God is Dead. “God is dead, and we killed him. This is the terrifying reality of what we so cruelly call “Good Friday.” This is the sudden, dark twist in the story that had started so beautifully.”

Easy Easter Girl. Having life-size and grotesque replicas of a dead Jesus in front of a cathedral is a common practice here in Mexico. This is a brilliantly written response to one. “I ran out of the cathedral as quick as I could, finding my mom studying native handicrafts in the street. I tugged at her shirt, trying hard to keep it together. Mom, I said, feeling the tears starting to come. Mom, mom, Jesus died.

On This Blog:

I haven’t been around much this week because of travel and I won’t be around much next week, but my most viewed post this week was 5 Important Questions the Movie Noah Raised.

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What about you? What’s on your computer/bookshelf/iPod this week?

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