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This week’s post is brought to you by SPRING BREAK!! I’ve got lots of fun adventures coming up in the next two weeks, including teaching in a one room schoolhouse at an orphanage for a few days, meeting my parents at the beach, and getting to show them my life here in the GDL. But for now, it means rest, and that has been so beautiful.


The last time just the three of us went on a beach vacation together, I was still in high school. Can't wait for you both to be here!

The last time just the three of us went on a beach vacation together, I was still in high school. Can’t wait for you both to be here!


– I saw the Noah movie last week and had lots of thoughts about it. If you haven’t seen it yet, I absolutely think it’s worth checking out. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about it here on the blog on Tuesday.

– I also saw Divergent this past week, without having read the books. I definitely followed the story despite not having read the books, which is a major positive for a YA book movie. I would definitely recommend it (and have already put the first two books on hold at the library)!

On the Web:

Seeking Our True Image. Love that the SheLoves word of the month is “Mirror”- such an important thing for us as women to be talking about. “And maybe the best thing we can do is to look to the mirror that is incapable of making distortions. For there is one unwavering and true reflection of our limitless beauty and value, and it can be found in the face of our loving God.”

Your Twenty-First Century Prayer Life. I love this poem. Here’s the first stanza:

Your most frequent
requests: a safe drive,
a speedy recovery,
and financial demands.
And then of course
the old standbys
“bless this” and
“bless that.”

You should check out the rest.

When I ask myself, “Why do I still go to church?” “Why do I still go to church? I ask myself. Why don’t I cut loose from this obligation? What am I waiting for? Something amazing, I guess.” You know it’s going to be a good blog when it starts out with an illustration from The Incredibles. A short and powerful read.

God has let me down. There. I said it. ”

I need you to resist tying a nice neat bow on top of my pain. Let me ask my questions. Wrestle hard with how to talk about these things without giving the wrong impression. Ache with me when I don’t understand this silent God. Make it safe to share my individual experience. I will do the same for you.”

On My Bookshelf:

Not a lot of time for reading during this last push to Spring Break, but looking forward to catching up on some of my books at the beach in just two weeks! I did have time to read some of one book this week.

The Gift of Being Yourself. I’ve almost finished this, and boy the end is a major kick in the pants. I think I highlighted all of chapter 5, “Unmasking Your False Self”. Here are some of the powerful quotes I’m still wrestling with:

“Our false self is the self we develop in our own likeness. This is the person we would like to be- a person of our own creation, the person we would create if we were God.” 

“We all tend to fashion a God who fits our own falsity… Coming out of hiding is accepting God on God’s own terms.”

“The anthropological question (Who am I?) and the theological question (Who is God?) are fundamentally inseparable.”

Highly recommend. I’m hoping to finish this one at the beach this week and move on to Jesus Feminist!

On This Blog:

My most popular post this week was “Well, there you go, buddy!” If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, head on over :)

And don’t forget to keep supporting and visiting the Featured Sellers for April! These women have been putting new items in their shops and I am so impressed by them. Please support their hard work!

What about you? What’s on your computer/bookshelf/iPod this week?

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