A Prayer for Love


Love Abundant,

Some days love is hard to come by.

some days it is hard to understand,

and some days it is hard to receive (from You, or from anyone).


We know that you are Love entirely,

That apart from you we know no love,

we give no love.


So, Love, fill us up

Over and abundant so that we cannot deny,

Cannot contain You.

Keep us from selfishly hoarding our time,

our resources, our friends, our energy.


Let us be those who receive love well,

Who accept help when we need it (and when we won’t admit it)

Who trust you to provide abundantly

For every moment we give away in the name of love.


Show us those who need love in our paths

And grace us with extra to share.


We ask these things in the most holy name of Love,



Photo by Aftab Uzzaman, via flickr.

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