A Prayer of Fear


You Who Are Mercifully Bigger Than I,


I am told I must confess.

I confess I pray in fear.

Fear of the wrath of the God-I-Do-Not-Know,

Fear of the Failure-I-Do-Know

Fear that if I do not pray You will not grant.


My misfit heart knows You

Knows your Good Gifts

Knows your mercy.

Grant that I, today, may trust

The Love you profess in the changing autumn leaves

The Provision you grant with each new sunrise

The Joy abundant with each child’s giggle.


Grant today that I might forget

The fear of wrath

The fear of failure

Fear at all.


Live through me and in me

Before and Beside

And may I ever find thankfulness to You on my lips.

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Photo by Xerones, via Flickr.

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  1. This is breathtaking. Praying this too.

    1. Thanks, Adela!

  2. Need this prayer.

  3. That last bit reminds me of a recent memory verse: ,”For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him,” (Rom 1:21) How often I am guilty of that!

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