Some people think I’m a writer.

My bloggy friend Karissa Knox Sorrell tagged me in a blog hop about my “writing process”. This is odd to me because I don’t usually consider myself a writer and I very rarely consider process, but apparently I should stop using those words in quotes. As a step in that direction, I’m going ahead and answering her questions about my “writing process” (can’t stop, won’t stop). You should check out her fun and fascinating blog here (I’ve learned more about Eastern Orthodoxy from her than the entire rest of my life combined).

Here’s a little about me as a writer and a few sneak peeks for what’s coming up on the blog!

What Am I Writing or Working On? 

Well, next week we’ll be starting a new series featuring some really wonderful guest posters (who will cover for me around here while I move across international borders) and I’ve been working on editing and formatting those posts so they’re all ready to go. I’m also starting brainstorming for a new (VERY new) series on Faith and Family; or more specifically my faith and my family. We’re kind of the Island of Misfit Faith, but at least we’re all there together. I’m excited and terrified to share them with you, but that’s what makes for good writing, right?

I’ve also been working on updating the look of my blog (you may have noticed the pretty new header, sidebar, and a few other small changes) and starting a facebook page for the blog where I post all sorts of witty and interesting things from around the internet, so clearly you should like it.

How Does My Work Differ From Others in its Genre?

I write faith-related blogs about my life and what I see in the world around me, which includes my life as a teacher, a traveler, a language learner, a friend, and about a million other things.

I also overuse dashes and parentheses, so that’s pretty unique.

How Does My Writing Process Work?

Yes, that is a knife and an empty thing of cheese.

Yes, that is a knife and an empty cheese wrapper.

It’s very refined, really. I’ll usually come home after work, take off my work pants,  and plop onto my bed with a smoothie or some chips or cheese and crackers. I’ll watch some Netflix and check all the social networks, and then I’ll think, “Oh, I never did write that blog I meant to write. Hm.” Then I’ll look through my odds and ends notebooks, random files on my computers, and drafts of emails to myself, trying to remember what that idea was that I had for a post four days ago. Eventually I’ll come up with something worth writing about (though some days more worth writing about than others) and then I’ll type for about 45 minutes, delete some, type some more, and search for pictures. Sometimes I just go ahead and post that baby and see where she goes, and sometimes I hold off for an hour or a day or a year (there’s really no telling).

And sometimes I have way more plan than that, but that’s the general average. It’s a glamorous life, I know.

What Other Writers Would I Like to Introduce to You?

I’d love to introduce you to these lovely ladies (and tag them for this blog hop next!).

Whitney Conard at Journey Mercies. Whitney is an expat currently living in Cambodia who blogs about missions work, motherhood in a foreign country, and life abroad.

Emily Allen at Light and Loveliness. Emily blogs about faith and family and takes gorgeous photos of her life (a skill I am very jealous of) while keeping it real and not too airbrushed.

Jen Weaver Jen is smart and articulate and always has a scripture reference. She also the cutest little pregnant woman you ever did see.

So, ladies, it’s time for you to answer these questions on your blogs! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Your upcoming posts and series sound great! I’m so glad you participated in this. Hopefully we can meet up once you’re settled in Nashville!

  2. […] was tagged in a blog hop this weekend by one beautiful Rachel Haltiwanger. My charge? To share about my “writing process,” a process so undeserving of the name […]

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your process, Rachel. (And discovering another parentheses- and dash-loving kindred spirit!) I’m looking forward to learning more about your Faith & Family!

    1. Thanks Lindsey!

  4. woo hoo! i feel honored. :) post coming this friday!

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