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I can’t believe there’s only four days left in our misfit faith series. While part of me is looking forward to a little break and more time to think through my posts, part of me will miss this rhythm. I’ve so enjoyed the comments and part that you all have played in this month, and I honestly can’t believe it’s almost come to a close.

When I was first planning out what I wanted to cover this month, I made a list of topics and ideas and tried to spread them evenly over the 31 days, but now that we’re reaching the end there are a fair few that I know I won’t have time to get around to, but that deserve a mention here on our little island. I thought today, I could at least point you in the direction of some of these misfits, and if you fit in one of these groups let you know that you are not alone. I’m sure I’m missing things from this list too, so I’ll leave it open to you: what makes you feel like a misfit in church that we haven’t discussed yet this month? 

  • Christian feminists: I blogged a review of the book Jesus Feminist a few months ago that addresses some of this issue, and the book itself really delves deep. If you’re looking for a feminist perspective on Christianity, check out the author (Sarah Bessey)’s blog here.
  • Christian environmentalists: This is becoming, praise God, less misfit and more mainstream. For a Christian organization dedicated to caring for creation as God has mandated us to do, check out A Rocha here.
  • Singles in the Church: I feel you, singles. I don’t blog about my singleness because that seems like stepping over an unwritten line into extra-personal territory, but there are some people who do, like in this excellent article in Christianity Today.
  • Left-wing Politics and Christianity: I also feel you on this one. We may get a post on this yet, so keep an eye out.
  • Adoption and Special Needs Families in the Church: I have no personal experience on this front, so I yield the floor to those who do, specifically here.

What am I missing? How do you feel “misfit” among your faith community?


Photo by David Gallagher, via Flickr.


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  1. how about denominational belonging? for example, i was raised in a Pentecostal church, but have found my self as an adult becoming an Anglican. I found the form and liturgy to suit my introversion and introspection. Growing up in my Pentecostal church, there were people from all kinds of denominational backgrounds. I never felt like I truly belonged in church, until I found the Anglican/Episcopal way. I feel more like a misfit in the Pentecostal church, and I was raised in the tradition from the cradle. But others switch to the Pentecostal tradition because it is where they belong.

    I really appreciate reading your 31 days of misfit faith. It is such an awesome series. I do hope you will look back on your writing of the past month, with the consideration of condensing what you have written into an e-book, maybe even using a devotional style.

    1. Interesting point, Douglas! I grew up in a non-denominational church and sometimes feel like a misfit in my current Southern Baptist church (but I also feel like I don’t know much about denominations because of my upbringing). Thanks for the encouragement as well!

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