Me too.

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“Miss H. I need a pink crayon.”

“Me too!”

“Here you go sweetie. What’s your name again?”


“Me too!”

“Miss H., it is very mucho hot outside.”

“Me too!”


Guys. Kindergarten ESL actually sounds like this. This is my real life job and I could not love it more.

The little one who seems to only know the words “me too”? I sometimes have to turn and have a private giggle because he is just too much.

But really, I think if I could only say two words for the rest of my life, I’d want them to be “me too.” They feel powerful and holy, they are honest, they are amen.

If I could only pray, “me too,” it would cover all the prayers of the world.

It would replace my incessant need to be right with perpetual empathy.


Of course, it’s not always true, which is why I will eventually have to correct my sweet student’s use of the phrase. His name isn’t Joshua and he didn’t want a pink crayon, and while it is undeniably very mucho hot outside, sweet boy doesn’t speak English or Spanish, so I don’t think he would have said that either.

Sometimes people I love go through things I can’t imagine. Some of my students have life experiences I will never be able to relate to, needs that I cannot meet in our hour a day together. I can’t say “me too” to those experiences from my privileged life.

But I can pray my Amen over them, I can say my small echo, “me too” to God as I ask him to hurry it up on redeeming this broken world down here.

Maybe we should start replacing our amens with “me too”s.


You too?

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  1. Marilyn stone · · Reply

    I love this, Rachel. It speaks a lot about love to me.

  2. Me too, Marilyn, (and Rachel) me too.

  3. Kindertlee · · Reply

    This is awesome. Me, too!

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