Life’s Not a Commute (But it might be a road trip)


Sometimes, the way the church presents our journey through this life feels like we’re on some kind of cosmic commute to our final destination.

Before you were even born, you were given a route to take. Not everyone has the same route, but at least most Reformed churches would say that there’s nothing you can do to change the route you’re put on.

You can make choices along the way, of where your pit stops will be or how you’ll handle that flat tire or what you’ll do when the check engine light turns on, but you’re heading down one road until you reach your final destination, which has already been confirmed, just like your route there was.

According to this theology, your job is simply to keep the car in motion until you reach the end of the road.


I spend a significant amount of my life commuting this year, so I’ve had a lot of time to ponder this middle mentality: the idea that our middle here is just something to press through until we finally get Home.

But in my hours of commuting, I’ve come to a conclusion: Life’s not a commute.

If God simply wanted us to drive our lives from Point A to Point B, I think he would have just delivered us to point B without the long commute. If the only purpose of life is to reach the end of life, then life doesn’t actually have a purpose.

Now, I don’t know any people or churches that would preach that the only purpose of life is to end up in Heaven, but in some of the ways we talk about faith and life, that’s the message that is conveyed.

Listen to Building429’s Christian radio hit “Where I Belong”: “All I know is I’m not home yet, this is not where I belong…”

Of course it’s important that this world is not the end. But it’s also important to note that God decided to make the world and to put us in it.

So if life isn’t a commute, what is it?

Maybe life is a road trip. We’re blasting the radio, laughing with our friends, making u-turns and trying new diners at 3 AM because we’re going to enjoy every minute of this precious gift of time and place given to us by the One who dreamed it all up.

To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

That doesn’t sound like any commute I know.


Photo by Alex, via flickr.

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