The Last Day of Summer

Sometimes you wake up on Monday with 1000 things to do and a headache.

And sometimes the sky is blue and the air is crisp and the park is only a short drive away, so you bail on your afternoon to go for a walk around a lake.


Sometimes on that walk, you watch baby deer licking each other’s faces and a see a great blue heron take flight and dance as the light trickles through the leaves.

Sometimes all you need is to slow down and be filled.


I’ve been sprinting with loud cheers into new seasons lately, without even glancing back, and this run into autumn has been no exception.

It’s been a long, hot summer.

But today was the last day.


Fall is my favorite season and I’ve been waiting with baited breath for pumpkin everything and sweaters. Mexico doesn’t really have a fall so it’s been two years and I’ve been feeling like I can’t wait a moment longer to wear my boots and scarves.

Yet I found myself looking out of the corner of my eye at what I’m leaving behind and made myself pause.

Even if it feels like it’s been an eternal summer, there are things I will miss about this season as we move into the next.

I’ll miss dresses and sandals and warm mornings with the windows down.

I’ll miss long days and short nights and porch sitting with a warm cup of coffee.

I’ll miss iced tea and popsicles and the ice cream truck that plays Christmas carols all through July.


Of course, this is a metaphor.

As I run from season to season in life, full speed ahead and never looking back, I think I must be missing some of the heavy joy of remembering things past and I may be over-anticipating things that have not yet come.

If all I have is this moment, the hope of the future, and the memory of the past, I had better be holding on tightly to all three.


You better believe I’m still excited for fall. At exactly 9:29 tonight it will be fall and I’m already pregaming with pumpkin flavored treats, windows open to welcome in the crisp air, and a pumpkin candle burning.

But I think I’ll keep the summer dresses in the closet for a few more weeks, for their happy memories and reminders of a long, full summer.


And so, with a warm embrace and a last perfect day, goodbye, summer. 

(and hello, fall).



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