What Keeps Me: Jesus


Last week I wrote about one reason I stay at church: the community. And as wonderful as my church community is, it’s a good thing there are other reasons to stay too, because they are human and therefore, sometimes, mess up.

The second reason I stay at church is one that doesn’t mess up.

I cannot escape the compelling and beautiful story of Jesus. I can wander off sometimes, look into alternatives, talk about frustrating nuances, but I am drawn unrelentingly to His story and His person. Perhaps I’m drawn because God designed me this way, to receive and accept His message, or maybe I’m drawn because the story is the only story of sacrificial love I have ever heard that makes me want to go and do the same.

It may seem obvious and silly to even mention that I owe all of my little misfit faith to Jesus, that it is He who holds and sustains and encourages me when I’m not sure about the rest of it, but I’m not sure that it is. I think it’s easy to get comfortable in church and forget the surprising, compelling beauty of the One we worship.

He ate with sinners and he taught saints and he argued with the holier-than-thous.

He told stories and interpreted the Story from the beginning of time until the end of it.

He healed untouchable, unnoticeable people.

He was patient with us dense humans.

And even after living with, serving, and being hurt by us dense humans for years, he still loved us enough to die for us so that we could live.


He was unfailingly loving, unfailingly forgiving, unfailingly selfless. And so when I lose sight of truth and certainty, they can always be found in Him.


What keeps you?



Photo by Doug88888 via flickr.

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