Jesus loves YOU, this I know.

Photo by Asha Susan, via Flickr

Photo by Asha Susan, via Flickr

What can separate us from Christ’s love?

(That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?)

Can ugly blog comments and twitter wars? Can fear? Can misinterpretation of scripture? Can disagreements within and outside the church? Can honesty and theology and splits and culture and government? Can decisions and reversals? Can any of this change God’s love?

Somebody once said that because of Jesus we would all just line up and be killed, and now it looks like we’re killing each other.

But they were wrong. Or at least, they will be. 

Because in all of these situations, in everything that is happening now and in everything that will happen, we (all of us) are already victorious because of Jesus’ love for us.

If I know anything I know this:

No status: not death or life or sexuality or gender or race

No entity: not angels or governments or theologians or churches or contraceptives or organizations or corporations or Christian celebrities

No event: not laws that are made or ever will be made, not church splits, not Supreme court cases or standoffs in the blogosphere, nothing that is happening now or that ever will happen


Not even location: not the Bible belt or Las Vegas, not Amsterdam or Pakistan or the middle of the Indian Ocean

In fact, nothing at all that we can create to try to get in the way-

Nothing can separate us (any of us) from the love of God.

Any of us. From Richard Stearns to Franklin Graham, from Rachel Held Evans to John Piper, from me to my  gay brother.

None of us can escape the love of God.



If this is Love, perhaps we should begin to practice it.


As I tried to fall asleep last night, the remnants of abrasive tweets and controversial blogs I had just read drifting through my thoughts, the words of Romans 8:35-39 started repeating in my head. As a thought-experiment, I read them as if they had been written about the current circumstances in American Christianity. This is what I came up with.

**EDIT** As you may have heard by now, World Vision has reversed their controversial decision to allow employment of gay and lesbian Christians. Perhaps even more so now, I need to hear these words.

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  1. Love, that’s what we should be focusing on. Love for one another, love for the least of these, love of Jesus. There’s so much hatred & as you said abrasiveness surrounding this issue. But we are called to love, no matter who we are, no matter what exactly we believe, no matter what, as Christians we are called to love others. We are not called to judge. Speak truth, yes, but done in the most loving way possible. That’s what seems to be missing.

    1. Exactly. Each side is accusing the other of loving wrongly, of not showing love the right way. So let’s all take a step back from pretending we’re loving each other and remind ourselves that Jesus loves us (and loves them too).

  2. Jesus loves us despite our shortcomings and personalities. We are created to share HIS love with others – and alienating certain groups of people is, in my opinion, not love. God is the one in control, not us ( and I have learned that the long way ’round way!) let’s give it back to HIm. ((hugs)) to you for sharing these words.

    1. Amen! Alienating certain groups of people is NOT love.

  3. Radina Welton · · Reply

    This made me tear up, Rachel. You have a God-given beautiful spirit and talent. Keep writing! I will be waiting for your first book to come out.

    1. Thanks Aunt Radina! No book in the works in the works right now, but I’ll keep you posted :)

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