Interrupted, by Jen Hatmaker.

Interrupted, by Jen Hatmaker.

About a month ago, I promised I would read an advance copy of this book and blog about it. At that point, I was blogging 2-3 times a week and had been all year. I was reading books and thinking about them all the time and it seemed like a simple commitment.

And then I moved and started work and blogging came to a screeching halt because I was so busy and uninspired. Y’all, I haven’t written so much as a journal entry since that last post almost two weeks ago.

So when I realized that I really needed to go ahead and read this book and write a review, I was less than enthusiastic about it.

But guys. This book is like a coffee date with Jen Hatmaker and she’s funny and sweet and easy to talk to. I was afraid it was going to be a preachy book about how we should all quit our jobs and minister to those who really need it in our neighborhood (not that I’m against that), but it’s not preachy at all. It’s somewhere between a memoir and a Bible study with a Red Letter Christians vibe.

In case you don’t know about Jen Hatmaker, she and her husband started a church called the Austin New Church a few years ago when they felt called to minister to the least of these instead of upper middle class white Christians, as they had been doing. This book is the story of that calling and choosing to follow it with their family, but it’s also a book about what the Bible says about impoverished and downtrodden people and what we should be doing about it. she starts with a simple prayer: “God, raise up in me a holy passion,” and follows the miraculous and difficult ways God answers her prayer. It’s encouraging and challenging and I highly recommend it.

And, in case you find yourself loving Jen Hatmaker after reading her book, you should check out her family’s new HGTV show “My Big Family Renovation” because it’s funny and fun and you get to see Jen Hatmaker on TV. Or you can read her blog over at

You can find the book here.

And I promise, I’ll be back to blogging soon. For those of you who said you’ve missed my blogs: thank you.  It means a lot. In the meantime, check out Interrupted and let me know what you think!


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