When the Inspiration Doesn’t Come

Photo by Tony Parkin via Flickr

Photo by Tony Parkin via Flickr

This blog… It’s called “The Inspired Story” because sometimes I can’t escape the story and the metaphor in the world. I see glimpses of eternity in the temporal and I can’t take credit for that inspiration. Some days I wake up and the metaphor is everywhere, God is everywhere, inspiration is everywhere and I can’t write it down fast enough. I’ve written blogs and articles and devotionals at 2 in the morning because I didn’t want to lose the beauty of the story that was fresh and full in my mind.

But that’s not how it always goes. Some days I wake up and the world is foggy and muddled and I don’t see eternity… I hardly even see today. Some days I think it’s me, that my eyes are clouded and my mind rushed. Some days I think it might be the story, that there isn’t as much beauty and eternity to be found for whatever reason. Sometimes I press through it, write anyway, rub my eyes and try to see the glimpses of heaven that might be hidden behind the clouds. Sometimes it isn’t worth the work and I roll over in bed and wait out the drizzle.

Maybe that’s just how life is. Some days I see God everywhere, I can’t escape his provision and purpose and direction in my life, and faith is easy and full. And the next day it isn’t, and maybe it’s me or maybe it’s God but for whatever reason, God is harder to find. Sometimes I press on and sometimes I give up, but mercy comes with the morning and I can begin again.

I think anything worth working on is worth giving up on sometimes too, because if it’s really worth working for you’ll always come back to it. I think the days of perseverance are just as important as the days I roll over in my writing and in my faith. So I’m working on giving myself grace for the cloudy days and soaking up the rays when they break through the clouds. Won’t you join me?

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  1. Amen and amen! This is so well said, Rachel. I love your writings and I see you growing and stretching as a writer and as a lovely person. Thank you for sharing your inspired stories!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment!

  2. I think probably its a case where the best days can only be fully appreciated in relation to the ones that aren’t so good. That applies to most things so it seems likely inspiration is the same

    1. Exactly. What would sunshine be if there were no clouds?

  3. Rachel,

    I think it’s the beauty of mind and clarity of heart when you see the world and it looks beautiful to you. I believe perception is something that drives people’s destiny.

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