Guac is Extra: A Love Letter


(For those who are not a part of my real life, you may not know that my cat’s name is Guacamole. This is a love letter to him, not to the delicious green dip that certainly deserves its own love letter some day in the future. Maybe tomorrow.)

Dearest Guacamole,

You haven’t bitten me in almost 24 hours, so you’ve earned yourself a love letter.¬†

I love that you’re so much more mellow than you used to be, but so much more interesting than the average feline. I love that you have a vertical jump of at least 4 feet and with a running start can get well over 6 feet of air.

I love that you’re fearless and stupid and totally predictable. I love that you need me to pet you while I eat my cereal every day but spend all of dinner singing your own little song in the kitchen while I eat.

I love that you can smell when I open a can of black beans and come running, that you lick my plate clean but you hide when guests come over (because lets be real, they don’t want any part of this love).

I love that you sleep on my feet when I’m sick and squarely in the middle of my back when I’m not. I love that you make yourself known with loud cries but can hide under the bed for hours in the interest of getting a night in my room.

I love that you take such hilarious¬†pictures and that you make me laugh every day (and sometimes cry or scream, but laugh too). I had no idea what I was signing up for when I brought you home as a little ball of fluff, but I wouldn’t trade you for anything now.

Love always, Guaco Taco.



This post is part of my 31 days of Love Letters series. Click here to see the rest of the posts in the series.

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