For Sundays and Sabbaths


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Dear Sunday,

A few weeks ago, I taught a lesson on Genesis 1 to my preschool Sunday School class and we talked about all the things God made, how the world is Good because God made it and God is Good, about how God’s word is strong, that His word gives life.

It was a beautiful and sweet lesson. But I forgot to talk about you, Sunday. We went through six days of creation top to bottom, and I skipped day 7, probably because it feels skippable after all those big truths.

But Sunday, I need you.

I don’t really understand why God rested after creating, or what it means for God to rest (did the world just run itself that day? Have there been any other days of rest since?), but I think he knew us well enough to know that if He didn’t show us how important it was, we’d never do it.

So Sunday, I love you. I love that you make me slow down and drop the to-do list. I love waking up slow with you and listening to church music and reading my Bible on the patio with a warm cup of coffee.

I love that there’s no traffic on the way to church and that there’s snacks waiting inside. I love teaching preschool Sunday school and generous snuggles and boisterous dancing. I love singing with my people and praying for each other and how many hugs I get every Sunday.

I love Sunday afternoon naps with the kitten and my XXL blue panther sweater. I love Sunday night babysitting and wrestling with little boys I’ve watched grow from diapers into chapter books.

Sunday, I can’t imagine life without you. 

I sometimes feel like I don’t know what it means to rest, like even if I got “enough” sleep, I would still be exhausted. But Sunday, I think you’re showing me how.

Please don’t ever leave.




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