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Why I Stay: The Hope and the Challenge

Guys, I made it to day 29 yesterday and I just couldn’t do it. When you get home totally exhausted at 9:30 PM and realize you still haven’t written, sometimes the best choice is to let it go for the day. But no worries, I’m back today and ready to finish this thing out tomorrow […]


On the wrong side of history

Faith based communities have, historically, ended up on the wrong side of history on quite a few major changes, from a heliocentric view of the universe to slavery, women’s rights, interracial marriage and civil rights, and the list goes on. Religious communities didn’t simply stand by and watch women, slaves, and the rest as they were maltreated by society. […]


Other Misfits

I can’t believe there’s only four days left in our misfit faith series. While part of me is looking forward to a little break and more time to think through my posts, part of me will miss this rhythm. I’ve so enjoyed the comments and part that you all have played in this month, and […]


Love in the time of Ebola

This isn’t really going to be a post about Ebola, but the title was too perfect to not use. What does it mean to love in this world today? Really, when it comes down to it, this is the million dollar question for the church in this generation. How do we love, here, now, these […]


I Am Not a God

… and that’s very good news. Let’s face it, I usually feel like I have things figured out pretty well down here without too much help from the Big Guy. While I would never say that out loud, the ways I act, stress, and try to control life down here speak volumes. Sometimes it feels […]


Fellow Misfits: Anne Lamott

I think everyone knows that Anne Lamott belongs squarely in the middle of our little island. I went looking through some of my favorites of her books for quotes for this post, and there were too many to count, but I’ve narrowed it down to three that were what I needed to be reminded of […]


A Prayer for Love

Love Abundant, Some days love is hard to come by. some days it is hard to understand, and some days it is hard to receive (from You, or from anyone).   We know that you are Love entirely, That apart from you we know no love, we give no love.   So, Love, fill us up […]


What Keeps Me: The Tradition

My parents are Christians, as are their parents and (I believe) their grandparents. As far as I know, our family has been worshipping the Christian God since long before they arrived in America, which for the Haltiwanger side is back in the 1700s. I love singing old hymns and thinking that these are the same […]


God of Thunder

I think there’s something to be said for faith in whatever you call on when the tornado sirens go off. There are a lot of times in my life when I trust in myself before I trust in God. Job successes or failures, friendships, even church events and activities. I feel capable of doing those […]


Life’s Not a Commute (But it might be a road trip)

Sometimes, the way the church presents our journey through this life feels like we’re on some kind of cosmic commute to our final destination. Before you were even born, you were given a route to take. Not everyone has the same route, but at least most Reformed churches would say that there’s nothing you can […]