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A Belated Christmas Reflection

Two years ago, I taught a Sunday school class to the preschoolers at my church that was meant to walk them through the narrative of the Old Testament over the course of a year. Of course, what that meant was that we spent more time than any preschooler is really interested in discussing wandering in […]


The Women of Advent: Peace and Prophecy

This advent, I am posting about the women of advent- the women who waited with longing and expectation for what they could not see or understand. Last week I wrote about Leah and her abiding hope. Rahab is one of the more fascinating women in the Biblical narrative. Her defining characteristic when she is first […]


Women of Advent: This time I will praise the Lord

This post, and the rest of the series, originally appeared on my blog three years ago when it was in a different space. I’m editing and reposting them this year as a reminder that we are not the only ones who wait with eager expectation for the promised Messiah. Advent is my favorite season in […]


Advent and Getting Lost

When I was little, my church used to have family retreats in upstate New York at a tired little camp in the middle of the winter. My family would go every year and sing in the talent show, spend a few nights falling out of our rickety bunk beds onto each other, and playing on […]