Be Careful, Viking Nacho: A Love Letter to My Roomie


With our friend Arno. Obviously.

Dearest Roomie,

It’s your birthday! You’ve reached the big milestone of not being able to use your parent’s health insurance anymore- congratulations! 

As a celebration of the beginning of your 27th year of life, I wanted to write you a love letter, because I love you the most, friend (shhh don’t tell the others).

I love that you came back to America for a little bit to live with me- I’ve needed you here these past few months, and you’re the easiest to live with. I love that you hug me goodnight every night and then message me with recipe ideas for the next day when you stay up way too late.

I love that we watch the debates together (even the Canadian ones) and read Buzzfeed articles about politics. I love that I can be myself completely around you because you already know about all the messes (both literal and figurative).

I love cooking with you and laughing with you and thrifting with you. I love that you encourage me to be silly and you always make time for silly yourself. I love that you’ll tell me what you think and that I can tell you what I think.

I love that I have no secrets from you. I trust you all the way, dude, and I love that you call me dude.

I love our inside jokes and I love knowing what you’re probably thinking when we’re in a group of people. I love that you always have my back and my front and my insides. I love that you like road tripping and reading and that we literally text all the live long day. I love that you’re honest and unafraid and easily the smartest person I’ve ever met in real life.

You are my most favorite cheerleader and most treasured friend. It makes me sad already to think that you’re leaving me so soon, but I love that you’ve found somewhere you love so much. I love that you light up when you talk about South Africa. I love that you’ve found home, I just hate that it’s not my home.

I love that we have a marriage pact for if we’re 75 and still single. You’re my first choice by a landslide for who I’d spend my final days with, even if I’m not still single.

Love you forever. Stick to your colors, Evelyn.

Thanks for loving me so well.




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