When It’s Not About Me Anymore



My “About Me” page is no longer about me.

It says that I’m teaching third grade in Guadalajara.

It says I lived in Nashville, past tense.

It says I’m a traveler.

It says I’m finding good and loving people a million miles from home.


Remarkably, some of that is still true, but not in the same way it was when I wrote it. I’m still hoping to be a traveler, and I think my past-tense travels merit keeping that status on there. I’m still looking for good and loving people and so thankful to be home. 

But now I live in Nashville, present tense, and Guadalajara has moved to the past tense.

A few weeks ago at a party a real-life friend who reads this blog asked what I was going to write about now that I’m not in Mexico anymore. I brushed it off, said I didn’t know and that nothing interesting ever happened here, laughed at myself and moved on.

Secretly, though, I’m terrified that I won’t have anything to say here.

I’m busier here, hands down, no question more hours of my day are scheduled.

But I’ve also watched almost three seasons of Friday Night Lights in the last three weeks, so I can’t exactly say there aren’t enough hours in the day.


This week, as I dip my toes back in the waters of writing regularly, my mantra is, “It’s not about me.” There is freedom in that. Whether I write today or not, whether I hit publish today or not, whether what I have to say today is important or not, that is not about me. I am still a teacher and a traveler and a truster no matter where I am and what I’m doing.

And really, if I hold Jesus at his word, none of this is about me anyway.

I’m hoping to get around to changing my About Me section sometime this week to reflect my geographic location more accurately, but I think the rest of it will stay about the same. It’s not that I haven’t changed in the past six months since I wrote that particular bio, more that the parts of me that I consider central, the parts of me that I write about and talk about when defining myself, those parts have not changed.


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  1. I’m sure you’ll still find things to write about—your God-given creativity won’t let you down! (And I love Friday Night Lights! So many great characters!) I hopped over from Twitter to read this. Blessings!

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