A Pumpkin Love Letter


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Dear Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Flavor, and every other variation,

I love you. I love you warm in bread and muffins and cold in ice cream and frappucinos (I’ll admit, I just had my first pumpkin spice frapp today and it was autumn-changing).

I love you in my beer and your scent in my candles. I love you year round, Pumpkin, but you seem especially near at this time of year.

I think about you all of the time. I wonder where I will run into you next, like today in Trader Joe’s when I found you with the poptarts. You’re always a pleasant surprise, Pumpkin.

I love that you always want to cuddle and wear flannel and go on hay rides. I love that you play well with kids and I even love that you’re popular. I don’t need us to be exclusive, but it does mean a lot that you seem to love me too. 

When I was small, my dad would call me Pumpkin because you’re just so obviously an endearing character (and because I was jaundiced, but I love your orange color too). He still calls me “punk” sometimes, his abbreviated version. I love that we have happy memories like that together, Pumpkin.

Last weekend, I cut myself on a can of you. Serves me right, for using the processed canned version rather than cooking you myself, but I bandaged myself up and continued on in making pumpkin bread. You’re worth sacrificing for, Pumpkin.

I know this love is short lived, that soon we’ll be in gingerbread and peppermint season and you’ll collect dust in cans on shelves again, but I don’t ever forget about you, Pumpkin. Please don’t leave our shelves any time soon.




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