A Love Letter to the Woods


Today I got a little bit lost in the woods with some dear friends who laugh together so well.

We pointed out beauty to each other, wondered aloud at the magnificence of the rock faces and the slowly turning leaves.

And I remembered how dearly I love the woods.

I love the woods on blue sky crisp fall days like today, when the wind rushes through the trees like a babbling brook. I love the woods in the still of the morning, when a squirrel rustling about for some food is the loudest noise to be heard for miles.

I love the woods when I am alone, when I can think and pray surrounded by the fullness of space and forever.

I love to run in the woods and to lay in the woods. I love the woods in the night, when the stars light your path and I love the woods by day when the sun trickles merrily through the leaves.

I love the woods with friends, slowly and leisurely on a walk.

So much of my life has happened in the woods, the happiest and fullest parts of everything. When I need to be alone, I go to the woods, but when I really need to talk to someone, I take them to the woods with me.

The woods have heard my most frightened cries and my most hopeful songs. The infinite sky has held me in anxiety and in peace.

The woods are Good because the Maker is Good, and he delights to make good things.

And the woods are how I know Him.


This post is part of my 31 days of Love Letters series. Click here to see the rest of the posts in the series.

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