A Love Letter to the Early Mornings


Dear 5 AM,

I know we’ve had a rocky relationship over the years. I don’t always do a good job of showing you that I love you, and I want to apologize for that, but realistically it’s probably not going to get any better.

I love your quiet. I love that it is dark and still, that there are rarely sirens or footsteps, that the world still sleeps and it’s just you and me and the Big Man down here tiptoeing into the new day. I love your coffee and your sunrises and your chilly damp. I love that you let me skip the traffic because most people really, really don’t love you like I do. 

I love kitten snuggles with you when we’re both still feeling the cuddly-wake-ups and just want to hold each other in the last remnant of that warm spot on the bed.

I know you love the cuddly-wake-ups too.

I love that I meet you because I have things to do that I love, a full day that I mercifully even get paid for. I love that you start me off and slow me down enough to remember the One who made you and me both, babe.

If we could work on the earlier bedtime situation so that I’m not so very sleepy every time we meet, I really think we could have something special.

I am, admittedly, looking forward to us taking a break for the next week. I’ll be back before you know it, baby. I’m turning the alarm off as I write this.




This post is part of my 31 days of Love Letters series. Click here to see the rest of the posts in the series.



Photo by H is for Home, via flickr.

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