A Love Letter to Teachers


Dearest Compadres,

This is a love letter to the easily overlooked, overworked, and over-it: teachers.

Your work matters. And we love you for it.

Teachers, you arrive early and stay late and you know your kiddos like they were your kiddos. Because let’s be real, they are. Thank you. We love you.

You go to meetings on unpaid time and deal with nonsense from parents, administrators, school boards, and state departments of education professionally and even, remarkably, enthusiastically.

We love you.

You spend your own money on everything from stickers to decorations to jackets for your students who wait early at the bus stop in sub freezing temps, and you don’t make that much money to start with.

We love you.

But we don’t love you because you give of your time or your money or your sanity to the students in your room.

No, we love you because you give of yourself.

One teacher I know brought a toothbrush and toothpaste from home and kept them in the back of her third grade classroom when she discovered one of her students had never used one several years ago. He came a few minutes before school every day and she would gingerly help him brush as his gums bled from the newness. Two years later, he would still have her check his agenda every day, potentially the closest person to a mother he had ever known.

Another spent his free time learning an obscure difficult and very foreign language so that he could communicate with a new large people group who began attending our school system.

Still another wrote letters secretly to a student in her “parent communication journal” every day to cover for an illiterate parent, calling once a week to be sure that the communication lines were in fact open.

There are thousands of teachers in this country every day literally loving the future into existence.

We love you for it.

Keep on keeping on- sorry for all the drama. We trust you, even if some legislators have a hard time showing it.

Teach on. Love on.


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