A Love Letter to Modern Medicine

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DearĀ  Doctors, Pharmaceuticals, Nurses, Hospitals, and everything in between,

I love you. I do. I love that yesterday I got to go to sleep peacefully in a doctor’s office and evidently wake up some time later sans three teeth. I don’t remember waking up, or anything for probably about 2 hours after that, but evidently I was pretty coherent. Secret talent: I seem really with it when I am actually unconscious.

I love that I can text my doctor mama that I’ve been throwing up post-surgery and a prescription for nausea meds can be ready for me in half an hour. I love that I don’t have to worry about infection or reactions because I can call any number of doctors or dentists to help if anything went wrong.

I love that we can message each other online if there are any questions or issues. I love that you can diagnose conditions we hadn’t heard of 100 years ago. I love that I am extremely unlikely to die in childbirth.

Mostly, today, I love the good drugs that got me to sleep last night and up out of bed this morning. In case you were wondering, post-wisdom-tooth extraction I feel great. I’d like to thank the good dentists, doctors, and friends who have gotten me to this excellent place.

Guys, I’m not even that swollen. Modern medicine is a miracle.




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